Delinquent Horsham Taxpayers to Pay 5% More

The Horsham Township Council on Monday introduced an ordinance that would tack on a 5 percent fee for late property taxes.

Horsham property owners who fall behind on their taxes could pay 5 percent more under an ordinance that the Horsham Township Council introduced Monday night. 

The ordinance, which would set a new fee schedule for the Montgomery County treasurer's office upon its Dec. 12 adoption, would allow an extra 5 percent to be tacked on for end-of-year delinquencies, according to Horsham Township Manager Bill Walker.

Walker said the new fee would take effect on Jan. 1.

Currently, the county collects delinquent taxes at face value and keeps 5 percent of the amount obtained to cover administrative costs, Walker said. 

"We’re not usually made whole with the delinquent tax collection," Walker said. 

But, once the new ordinance takes effect that would change. 

"We would see that 5 percent that we don’t normally see," Walker said. It’s a benefit to us. We’ll see more money at the end of the day."

Walker said he could not provide specific numbers but said that Horsham is "not one of the communities that have many delinquent taxes." Of those property owners who are delinquent, Walker estimated that the county has a roughly 98 percent success rate in collecting the debt. 

Mike Shortall Sr November 28, 2012 at 04:34 AM
Works for me ...


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