District 3 Commission Candidates Answer Your Questions

The four candidates for Gwinnett County Commission District 3 answer questions submitted by Patch readers.

Next month, voters in Gwinnett County District 3 will decide if Mike Beaudreau, Tommy Hunter, Mike Korom or Jerry Oberholtzer will serve as the area's next county commissioner.

Since Beaudreau, Oberholtzer, Hunter and Korom are all running as Republicans and there are no Democratic challengers, the race will be decided during the July 31 primary. The runoff, if necessary, will be held on Aug. 21.

Patch asked each of the candidates to answer a series of questions relating to current political issues. The questionnaires were based in part on questions submitted by readers. Patch did not limit the length of the responses. Each candidate's answers are presented unedited and in their entirety.

Click on the links below to read each candidate's answer to the following questions:









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