Incumbents Win Big, Local Candidates Defeated

A quick recap of last night's elections that impact Snellville.

1.  TSPLOST: A big no.  Across the Atlanta area the measure was voted down. 

2.  Board of Commissioners, District 3:  Mike Beaudreau, the incumbent, will be in a runoff with Tommy Hunter.  

3.  State Senate District 9: Balfour, also the incumbent, won over Snellville's Travis Bowden and Lilburn's Steve Ramey.  

4.  House District 93:  Dar'Shun Kendrick, who formerly represented District 94, won this race. 

5.  House District 94:  Karen Bennett won this race.  It was her first campaign.  

6.  State Senate 55:  Incumbent Gloria Butler won against Snellville resident and high school counselor Mark Williams. 

For a full list of election results, visit the Georgia Secretary of State's website.  

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David Brown August 01, 2012 at 12:18 PM
One correction to this recap. Mike Beaudreau did not win outright. He was forced into a runoff against second-place finisher Tommy Hunter on August 21.
Crystal Huskey August 01, 2012 at 12:29 PM
Nope, you're right, I'm about to fix that. Went to bed before the info was available :)
Antony Bordoli August 01, 2012 at 11:15 PM
When will Snellville's unfit mayor be up for re-election? Another 2 years of dysfunction?
MWTW August 02, 2012 at 01:12 AM
Mayor Kaust was elected for a reason. I suspect that Snellville was ready for something different. She was elected because her opponents did not earn the right to serve, as decided by the voters. Nothing can change that. Yesterday several of my choices in the Republican Primary did not earn the right to continue; several did, including a couple I am not fond of. However, I will continue to support them and try to help in any way possible. Whether I like them or not, they are my elected officials and nothing will change that. I prefer to try to help them or change them through the process instead of hurling insults. Insults and negativity do nothing but help to ruin any chance of positive change for the duration of their term. Nothing happens with political in-fighting. I, for one, am not willing to let Snellville sit dormant for the next few years because of hurt egos. Some Snellville politicians need to accept the fact that their candidate did not win the election (again, voters felt a new leader was necessary) and continue (or start) to actually try to move Snellville forward. Snellville can not improve until our elected leaders meet halfway, put away their feelings, and work to improve our city.
Jerome Williams August 02, 2012 at 12:03 PM
Hey MWTW your way off. You act like Kautz is the only person who was elected. All the other officials were elected too. Seems to me the other people are the ones doing good things and Kautz is the one making insults and being negative. Did you see the television story about Kautz insulting someone who was trying to speak at a meeting? You always see other politicians at things in Snellville and you see them working and doing stuff to help. You never see Kautz or if you do she sits around like a queen bee. You say work to improve the city the other guys are doing all the work. Only work I see Kautz do is bang on the desk and tell folks there out of order.
MWTW August 02, 2012 at 02:21 PM
Sorry. I am fully aware that all politicians were elected and that is my point. You are missing my point. Whether I support Mayor Kautz, or not, is immaterial. Whether she is the queen bee, is not has nothing to do with my point. The fact remains that she will be in office for the next several years and if she and the council (and all others) cannot find common ground, NOTHING will be accomplished for the residents of Snellville. It will be a total waste of time and will set Snellville back several years. Snellville is rapidly becoming the source of jokes throughout the metro area due to the constant infighting and now media coverage. By attacking in a public forum, Snellville is shooting themselves right in the foot. Disagreements need to be contained to private settings; and certainly with no media coverage. I am not endorsing Kelly, or Jerry, or even Brett. Whether we agree with them or not, or whether we are Republican or Demcratic, simply must be put aside. We need to search for common ground and if none exists, than the residents of Snellville are the big losers. Constant attacks and constant media coverage will damage Snellville. That is my point.
Marian Copeland August 02, 2012 at 11:46 PM
Lets analyze this a bit MWTW, you say the people wanted a change, a change from what? Two of the most progressive years that the city experienced in the the first decade of the 21st Century. Did you read the patch article about the peoples survey and all they did in 2 years. During that time Snellville wasn't in the news unless another accomplishment was being announced. Clearly the problem is not that Kautz won, it is that she does not have enough others on council to get her way and either she is not smart enough to get them working with her way or she doesn't care. I have not heard one of them talk publicly about Kautz. I have heard kautz knock everyone of them, and that is what makes the press. Her idea of looking good is making everybody else look bad, and to hell with what that cost Snellville. Pay attention to it MWTW, it is not to hard to spot. Marian
MWTW August 03, 2012 at 01:56 AM
Thanks Marian. You question "why" I said people wanted change. I have no idea why people vote the way they do. However, the fact is that Kautz was elected. She defeated all other candidates. By their votes, they chose to change. I didn't say it was good ... or bad. But... thanks for analyzing anyway! If you read my posts you'll find that not once did I defend Kautz or the Council. Not once did I attack either side. My comments were meant to be neutral and pragmatic; showing dismay for the public embarrassments and behind the scenes provoking. Any bias is the fault of the reader. You seem to believe I support Kautz. For the record; I didn't vote for her. My point; I am sick of the political infighting, behind the scenes set ups, and the constant scheming. I am tired of seeing Snellville on the news. I have friends on both sides of Snellville politics and try to stay neutral. My opinion of this mess is best summarized by quoting my post earlier today: "Snellville is rapidly becoming the source of jokes throughout the metro area due to the constant infighting and now media coverage. By attacking in a public forum, Snellville is shooting themselves right in the foot. Disagreements need to be contained to private settings; and certainly with no media coverage." If you bothered to read this again, you'll see it applies to both sides. Sorry. But hey, thanks for bringing this to my attention. I learn something every day.
Marian Copeland August 03, 2012 at 05:12 AM
MWTW, I think we may be on the same side, Snellville's. ,Our beautiful City was the butt of jokes from 2004 through 2009. (remember the toilet yard art). My point is that in 2009 when Witts defeated Robert Jenkins things changed. I think that Bender, Warner and Obrholtzer had someone, in Witts, that was not afraid to speak his mind. That gave Barb, Todd, and Jerry the cover they needed to get things done, and they did! remember the summer of 2010 and the "say yes to Snellville" Sunday liquor by the drink vote? Oberholtzer and Witts campaigned side by side, to bring that vote home. 3 to 1 in favor. I understand they hardly speak to each other now, and Witts backed Beaudreau in the commissioner race, but that is neither here nor there. they worked together and got that important legislation passed, and no one knew that they didn't like each other at the time. they knew what the city needed and they worked together. The difference I see now is that everyone knows that Kautz hates Witts and is unwilling to agree with anything Witts is for, whether it is good for the City or not. Witts and Oberholtzer put their differences aside, only caring about what was best for Snellville. that is just the way I see MWTW, I could be 180 degrees out on it. I can only go on what I have seen from the two of them and what was accomplished and where we are 7 months into Kautz's reign. I'll say it again, the differences are stark. Marian
MWTW August 04, 2012 at 02:41 AM
Thanks Marian. I agree. Politicians need to work together whether they like each other or not. Like I said, keep the disagreements out of the media. Incidentally, my comments were directed with all Snellville politicians in mind, not just the Council and Mayor. There are many, past and present, that are very active and have much influence. Some of their behind the scenes activities should be brought to a close. It's simply not in the best interests of the City. Thanks for the details above. It fills in some holes. Your point seems to be the same as mine; put the squabbling aside and get to the task of improving our city. Keep the disagreements away from the public eye.
Marian Copeland August 05, 2012 at 04:27 AM
MWTW, I knew we were on the same page! Now it is time to acknowledge the problem. Witts and Jerry worked togethr when it counted. What I see now is that Kautz works with no one, unless she can claim victory! That is very unfortunate, but as I see it, exactly what is going on. At this point it would appear that Witts, Howard, and Emanuel are sitting back and waiting for the inevitable train wreck. Then they will take the City in the direction that they feel Bender, Oberholtzer, Warren, and Witts started in 2009. Which, by anyone's account, was successful and prosperous. As for the former politicians and their destructive influence, Who do you think they are? I would assume you speak about Kautz. I know for certain that Witts, howard, and Emanual have only known each other for a couple of years, and I don't think Krause knew any of them. I don't see any ole school history there. Do you? i'M just looking at what I see, that doesn't mean I'm right. Marian MARIAN
MWTW August 05, 2012 at 08:46 PM
Yes Marian. Please don't read too much into my statements and don't align me with either side. I have friends on both. As I have said before, I have not attacked anyone and will not. Both sides are getting or creating too much media attention. I cannot offer names due to friendhships or business affiliations. Plus, I would be guilty of what I would like to see stopped. I simply am growing tired of seeing our city's reputation being slandered by the media. An interesting sidenote is that politicians believe that, "there's no such thing as bad publicity". Look at last week's election reasults; particularly at the huge percentage of incumbants that were pushed through the primary. A couple of them have had horrible publicity yet the "name recognition" by under-educated voters almost guarantees their re-election. Just a thought, but if people want Kaust to lose the election next time, maybe they should re-think giving her all this free publicity. It's a fact that 95% of the public simply look for names they recognize on the ballot and then vote for them. The more people complain publicly about an official, the higher the name recognition, and the higher the percentage of re-election!
Melinda Franklin August 16, 2012 at 12:51 PM
I'd like to clarify one point in this debate. Kelly Kautz WAS the only one elected in the last city election. The mayoral campaign was the only one WITH a choice so I'd say she was elected, they other's were simply names on the ballot. I'd like to suggest that THEY try to make efforts to reconcile our city council before someone chooses to run against them. I was HIGHLY offended by the fact that they attempted to run on a group ballot and yet they still didn't take note that Barbara was defeated! What does that say about them? Do they not understand that any of them could have been defeated just as easily if someone had been running against them?
MWTW August 17, 2012 at 03:28 AM
Interesting point. Thanks.


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