Maplewood Dog Shot on New Year's Eve Was Banned from Dog Park

Emmy Lou bit a terrier in the park in 2011, a memo states.

Ann Ciaravino, the owner of Emmy Lou, the dog shot twice by a Maplewood police officer on New Year's Eve for aggresive behavior, said she feels responsible for what happened to her dog, and her greatest fear is that she’ll lose Emmy.

“I feel like I’m the one that should have been shot, not my dog,” she said.

Unfortunately, Maplewood has previously documented Emmy Lou's aggressive behavior.

A July 2011 memo from Director Public Works Anthony Traxler stated she bit a terrier named Jack while at the Maplewood Dog Park.

“Emmy Lou showed teeth as the owner of Jack came into the park, so she picked up her dog,” the memo stated.

“With Jack in hand, Emmy Lou came up to her jumping and snapping at Jack as she entered the park,” Traxler stated in the memo. “The owner of Emmy Lou controlled her dog and things calmed down. Approximately five minutes later as both dogs were in the park together, Emmy Lou bit Jack.”

Emmy Lou, a 5-year-old German Shepherd mix, was banned from the Maplewood Dog Park as a result.

The report states that another dog owner verified this aggressive behavior. It states that on another occasion Emmy Lou bit his hand, which drew blood, while at the dog park.

Read Traxler's complete memo (with names redacted) in the included PDF.

Emmy’s owner, Ann Ciaravino, said the aggression was a result of the other dogs not welcoming Emmy when she was new to the park.

“Ciaravino seems to be genuinely interested in keeping her dog in the park,” Traxler said in the memo. He said she suggested Emmy take an aggression test.

“To date, she has been the most agreeable owner of a dog accused of aggressive behavior,” he said in the memo.

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Lenore January 08, 2013 at 05:59 PM
I hope that Maplewood will give this dog and this woman an opportunity to correct the situation before resorting to drastic measures. I've worked with an area dog rescue for many years and have seen amazing results in dogs with poor behavior when the owners work with a reputable dog behavior specialist and trainer. True, the majority of the training is with the human. I've had good experiences with K9 Pack Leader and know that Bob is currently working with Mayor Slay and their family dog. (k9packleader.com) Good luck!
Doug Miner January 08, 2013 at 06:03 PM
Thanks, Lenore! I'll add that Patch blogger Dorene Olson is also a professional animal trainer, certified dog trainer, and behavior consultant. (http://doreneolson.com/)
Dorene Olson January 08, 2013 at 08:36 PM
WOW! Lots of heated emotional commentary here, I am glad to see the discussion. Yes, there is error in dog management in this situation. Yes, it is good to recognize that and yes, I am glad the Emmy Lou got fixed up by the vet. Can she be rehabilitiated? That is something that no professional can assess until one actually meets and works with the animal, and ABSOLUTELY the owner MUST be 100% on board. I have only worked with two dogs who have killed humans, one was put to sleep, the other was and muzzled 24 hours a day. Extreme? Yes, and not applicable to this case, but management is a huge issue and it appears that management needs to be tightened up here (aka no more loose gates, etc). This poor owner is suffering for her dog's social inapropriateness, and needs some coaching in how to get her to become more comfortable in her human environment. I have worked with the APA for years and sit on the Purina board of the Saint Louis Pet Lover's Coalition with them, we work closely together once a month, since this dog was adopted from the APA I will be contacting them for background information, and hope that her owner seeks professional help. St. Louis is renouned for its horrible reputation as a punitive based training community, which will only promote more aggression out of defence and fear, so I hope that her owner finds a positve based trainer versed in operant conditioning. Good luck to you, Ann, and if you would like to call me, I will watch for you, Dorene
Lenore January 08, 2013 at 10:33 PM
What heated emotional commentary? "I have only worked with two dogs who have killed humans,..." I don't understand why this was mentioned. Did Emmy Lou kill someone? That's not what I've read in the articles. I fear I must have offended you somehow Dorene, although I'm not sure how. I apologize if I've said something inappropriate. I was speaking on behalf of Emmy Lou and her owner and hoping they get the training that they need. I am not familiar with the Mapelwood-Brentwood Patch and therefore had no prior knowledge of your blog. Therefore I thought to mention a friend of mine who I've worked with on many occasions. Again, I did not intend to offend anyone. However, I am concerned that you would say, "St. Louis is renouned for its horrible reputation as a punitive based training community, which will only promote more aggression out of defence and fear, so I hope that her owner finds a positve based trainer versed in operant conditioning." That's not been my experience, and I find it does raise the conversation to more heated level, unnecessarily.


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