Rabies Alert Issued in Gwinnett County

The Gwinnett County Animal Shelter has issued a rabies alert after rabid raccoons were found in Suwanee and Buford.

A raccoon found on Nov. 22 in the 4300 block of Grey Park Drive in Buford has tested positive for rabies.

Officials advise that anyone who has been bitten or scratched by any stray animals or who may have handled the raccoon should call the Gwinnett County Animal Welfare and Enforcement Bite Office at 770-339-3200 ext. 5576.

The Buford raccoon is one of multiple rabid animals recently found in Gwinnett County. A raccoon found on Oct. 6 on Scenic Drive in Snellville also tested positive for rabies.

For more information about animals with rabies including what steps to take to protect yourself and your family from rabies, visit the Gwinnett County Animal Shelter website.

From the Gwinnett County Site:

What does a rabid animal look like?

Rabid animals may act tame. They may also display strange or unusual behavior. They may act aggressive, avoid food and water, foam at the mouth, or have trouble moving. Stay away from any unknown animals, especially wildlife. Report any animal acting unusual to Gwinnett County Police Animal Welfare and Enforcement at 770.513.5100.

How can I help protect myself and my family from rabies?

  • Make sure your pets get their rabies shots regularly
  • Keep your pets on your property
  • Do not leave garbage or pet food outside. Food left out may attract wild or stray animals
  • Stay away from wild, sick, hurt, or dead animals. Do not pick up or move sick or hurt animals. If you find a wild, sick, or hurt animal, call Gwinnett County Police Animal Welfare and Enforcement at 770.513.5100
  • Do not keep wild animals like raccoons, skunks, foxes, and coyotes as pets. It is dangerous and also illegal
  • Teach your children not to go near, tease, or play with wild animals or strange dogs and cats

If you or your child have been bitten or scratched by any stray animals, or if you know of anyone handling this animal please call the Gwinnett County Animal Welfare and Enforcement Bite Office at 770.339.3200 ext. 5576.


This story initially appeared on Buford Patch.


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