“Rocky” Anderson Obtains Certified Write-In Status in Georgia

Although not on the official ballot, Rocky Anderson is promoting a write-in campaign in the state of Georgia.

(Editor's note: the following is a press release from the Campaign to Elect Rocky Anderson.)

Georgia voters will have another choice in the upcoming Presidential election. Justice Party Presidential Candidate Ross C. “Rocky” Anderson is now an officially certified write-in Presidential candidate in the state of Georgia after the efforts of dedicated volunteers who completed the necessary legal requirements and filed the notice with the Georgia Secretary of State.

On Nov. 6, (or before if they vote early or absentee) to cast their vote for Rocky, Georgia voters simply need to select the write-in bubble on the presidential part of their ballot and write the name Ross C. “Rocky” Anderson on the line and their vote will be officially and legally counted by the state of Georgia.

Anderson is the former two-term Democratic Mayor of Salt Lake City, Utah, and the former executive director of High Road For Human Rights, he most notably garnered national attention for his intense opposition to the Iraq War and the actions of the Bush administration. He announced his candidacy in December 2011 and formed the Justice Party, a movement working for positive change and dedicated to the idea of liberty and justice for all. 

For his work for justice over a career that spans over three decades, he has earned numerous awards from human rights, environmental, anti-war, immigration reform, anti-drug war, civil liberties, women’s rights, GLBT, and other groups. He chose to run for President because he felt the need to step up and take a stand for the country.

Anderson is a bold, determined candidate and a fighter for progress who is running a campaign off the slogan “rock solid.” Like his career, his campaign focuses on issues like getting the corrupting influence of money out of the political system and reducing the influence of lobbyists and special interests, restoring checks and balances to our government by eliminating abuses of power by the executive branch, accountability for those who caused the financial crisis, common sense tax reform, humane immigration reform, quality universal healthcare, job creation programs and fair trade, balanced budget, protection of constitutional rights and civil liberties, respect for inalienable human rights, a new Equal Rights Amendment for Women and LGBT, dealing with the climate change crisis and promoting real environmental and green initiatives, reduction of poverty and a more responsible, less militaristic foreign policy approach. 

His policies and solutions appeal across the political spectrum and his campaign does not take a dime from lobbyists, special interests, or PACs. He speaks on issues the two major party candidates will not touch.

Anderson has chosen Latino, inner city, anti-poverty, at-risk youth advocate and author Luis Rodriguez as his running mate, and notable people such as consumer advocate and former Presidential candidate Ralph Nader have given their support for his candidacy. Mr. Nader called Rocky a “candidate of conscience for voters of conscience." In addition to write-in status in all but five states with the most anti-democratic and anti-participatory ballot access laws, Anderson will be on the ballot under the Justice Party, Independent or a state level progressive party banner in between 16-18 states including the neighboring state of Florida.

Georgia has one of the harshest, most anti-democratic ballot access laws in the country, requiring a minimum of 50,000 valid signatures to get visibly listed on the ballot as an independent or 3rd party presidential candidate. This is over 49,700 more than a state like neighboring Tennessee, which only has five fewer electoral votes. Supporters of a participatory democracy should demand a change to Georgia’s ballot access laws. 

For further info on Rocky, his candidacy, and the Justice Party please refer to voterocky.org and justicepartyusa.org

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