Snellville Business Toolbox 2.0 Now Live

Snellville’s one-stop-shop for business growth has been redesigned and improved.

(Editor's note: the following is a news release issued by the City of Snellville.)

The City of Snellville Office of Economic Development is proud to announce the release of the Snellville Business Toolbox Version 2.0. The Snellville Business Toolbox is a one-stop-shop for any entrepreneur, potential entrepreneur, or existing business looking for resources to start, sustain or grow their company. The City of Snellville developed this website to meet local business demand for a comprehensive guide of resources.

The original release of the Snellville Business Toolbox in June 2012 received many accolades and a strong fan/user base. Since its inception, there have been over 200 Toolbox users. The Toolbox also serves as the portal for entrepreneurs interested in working with a free mentor or joining a peer advisory board. Many entrepreneurs have already been paired with their mentors and are learning valuable lessons and receiving assistance through the difficult stages of starting and growing their businesses.

Look for the big red “Need Help?” button on the Toolbox to sign up for free mentoring or to learn more about peer advisory boards. Our commitment is to respond to every inquiry for assistance within two business days.

The Snellville Business Toolbox 2.0 was created to provide a more professional appearance and fulfill suggestions we have received from users and the volunteers in the Snellville Entrepreneur Council.

A redesigned user interface, rebranding and new resources combine to make the Snellville Business Toolbox 2.0 an even more powerful tool for entrepreneurs. The tremendous success of the Snellville Start Up Checklist has been expanded to the Sustain and Grow sections as we debut the Snellville Sustain Checklist and the Snellville Growth Checklist. The two new checklists contain several vital steps to consider and questions to ask yourself and your management team to ensure safe and quality sustenance and growth of your business.

We hope you find these tools useful as many others have and look forward to the start up and success of your business in Snellville, a city founded and focused on entrepreneurship. 

Be sure to visit the Snellville Business Toolbox today.


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