UDPATE: Update on Shorecrest, Shorewood Construction

New Shorewood slated to open in Sept. 2013; New Shorecrest in early 2014.

Editor's note: The following comments about the Ronald School windows are from Craig Degginger, public information officer from the Shoreline School District.

The windows installed in Ronald School are all wood construction with an exterior cladding for protection from the elements.  The materials used in Ronald School have been submitted to the historic preservation organization as required and approved prior to installation. 

Editor's note: The following press release is from the Shoreline School District. 


Performing Arts Building

The Performing Arts building will include the renovated theater and classrooms for band, choir, orchestra, drama and visual arts. Completion of the theater is expected by December. Classrooms are expected to be occupied early in 2013. 

Work currently under way includes:

Installation of new seats in the theater

Finish work throughout the building.

Fire alarm completion and testing

Main Building

With the demolition over the summer of the old gymnasium, J hall and shop building, work is well under way on the three-story main academic building, scheduled for completion in early 2014.

Current work under way includes installation of forms and reinforcing steel and concrete being poured for stair towers of the new building.   Crews are continuing utility work to the new performing arts building.


The new gymnasium is now open and being used for physical education classes and by athletic teams. It includes the main gymnasium, auxiliary gym, classroom, locker rooms, weight room and aerobics/exercise room.

The gym entrance features two large trophy cases, with refurbished boards from the old gym bleachers on the walls.


The construction of the new Shorewood High School remains on schedule for the new buildings to open in September 2013.

Roofs have been installed in the majorty of the building, with work continuing in the northeast quadrant. Installation of drywall is now under way on the first floor of the classroom building.  

Mechanical, plumbing, HVAC and electrical installation continues throughout the structures.

The red exterior masonry veneer is nearing completion on the classroom buildings. Window installation is under way.

Ronald School structural upgrades are ongoing and many of the new windows have been installed. 

Foundations are being built for the theater seating, and exterior sheathing and siding continues on the auditorium structure.

Tracy Tallman November 22, 2012 at 05:34 PM
I too received an email back from Craig Degginger and am much-relieved that the taxpayers don't have to pay for window replacement. I wonder over the wisdom of allowing white windows that clearly dominate the building (which has a lot of windows having been built before there was electricity in the area) when the original building does not show the windows as white. I'll take this up with the folks at King County. I have also emailed Craig Degginger to ask about the clearly deteriorating wood in the portico and balcony. I'm wondering if they are planning to replace it. I've also asked to see the finished plans. The building sat without windows for quite a long time open to the elements. I'm looking forward to the finished project, but as you can probably tell I don't trust the school district a whit.
Janet Way November 23, 2012 at 06:46 PM
Tracy, Neither do I!!!! And probably never will again. This is nothing against the students, teachers and dedicated staff who depend on it. But, what else can they do? I also noticed how long (many months) the building sat open to the elements. The contempt with which the SSD regarded this building for many years is still evident in the way this gutting and redecorating has been carried out. Do you know what color they would have been originally? I don't know who is the actual authority on ensuring compliance with National Historic Registry or King County Landmark standards? I pray that someone is watching how this is carried out. I repeat, I will never trust the Shoreline School District again, on anything. And I'm glad my kids are now grown and not affected!
Tracy Tallman November 24, 2012 at 05:07 PM
I know there were a lot of people involved with the school district who felt the management was off base on the way they handled the Ronald School issue, the blame definitely falls on management and I know this has nothing to do with all the dedicated people who actually WORK for the school district. Julie Koler is the person with King County who is responsible for keeping the district on track with this project and I'll work with her on this. Before the Ronald School I always whole-heartedly supported the school district and always felt they would do the right thing not just for themselves, but for the community at large. My trust was badly misplaced. Things change and now I'll never be that stupid again. I've saved all their promotional material showing the promises they made before the election to authorize construction of the schools and will make sure they are held to their promises to the best of my ability.
Tracy Tallman November 24, 2012 at 05:08 PM
And I'm wondering where Tom Jamieson's post went. I received an email showing he posted a comment and I can't find it anywhere....
Tony Dondero November 24, 2012 at 09:57 PM
Tracy, I did see it earlier but it's gone now. He might have deleted it because there's no record of it being flagged and I didn't delete it. Tom?


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