UPDATED - Commissioner: Walmart Wants To Bring 'Neighborhood Market' to Lithonia

DeKalb County District 5 Commissioner Lee May said Walmart is interested in opening the grocery-only concept at Panola Rd. and Covington Highway. Update: A recent news report says the Neighborhood Market will be more than 42,000 square feet.

Walmart is interested in bringing its Neighborhood Market concept to the Lithonia area, DeKalb County District 5 Commissioner Lee May told Patch.

The company wants to build the market, which would be a grocery-only store, where the Big Lots currently is located, in the Covington Square shopping center, May said.

Updated 10/15/12: According to a recent article in Crossroads News, the Neighborhood Market will be 42,362 square feet and it will have more than 200 parking spaces and 31 trees.

May said the plan is, after Big Lots' lease is up, that space will be razed to make way for the Neighborhood Market. He said it's possible that the project could come to fruition over the next 12 to 18 months.

"That area is deeply in need of an additional grocery store component," May said.

He said he hopes the Neighborhood Market will spark updates and upgrades to the nearby Kroger store on Covington Highway. "I'm hoping they will provide some competition," he said.

The Neighborhood Market would bring another big project to Panola and Covington. is under construction across the street from the Covington Square shopping center.

Walmart has been opening Neighborhood Markets in several locations throughout metro Atlanta.

A Walmart supercenter is being built on Memorial Drive near N. Hairston.

Check back with Patch for updates to this article.

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Bruce Mitchell October 08, 2012 at 07:25 AM
Make sure you vote. Obamacare will ensure that Walmart changes it's ways and provide proper insurance for it's workers. Dreaming aside, while there are some thriving people in S.Dekalb, the fact of the matter is there are pockets of not so thriving and the mentality of many citizens isn't about supporting a Whole Foods type of business. Being realistic has to precede realization. When our elected officials get real or when we get a new type of elected official we will actually see the concept of a balanced economy come to fruition in S. Dekalb with actual businesses that employ the skilled and professional who will support various, diverse and retail businesses. You have to have a working populace in the locations of shopping in order to sustain said businesses. In order to have these businesses and the workforce with them you have to not have the perception of crime and disorder. To ignore the reality of a Dunwoody and a Brookhaven vs Lithonia and outer Decatur and St. Mtn is to resign oneself to no change. If our reps here cared as much about us as the reps in N. Dekalb care about that area we would've realized the present we all hoped for in the past when we started populating this area.
Deonte' October 14, 2012 at 01:19 AM
So, Big Lots is going out of buisness? If so, I'm with WalMart Market taking over. The Farrington WalMart Supercenter is always busy and it's always a hassle crossing I-20 to get there. Whole Foods nor Trader Joes will never build stores in an African American community people. Scotty Beauty in the Big Lots (Covington Square) plaza has shuttered it's doors. It's a pretty decent sized vacancy. Wonder what will replace it.
iamnrs October 22, 2012 at 02:16 PM
This part of Dekalb is not a thriving middle class area. If it were, would people really get excited about minimum wage retail jobs? Low income workers are not going to pay $9/lb for free range chicken. For the few that can, just go to the Dekalb Farmers Market. It's closer and cheaper. Attracting better businesses has to start with the people who live in the area. What upscale business wants to locate in an area where 90% of the homes have unkept yards or trash and hand-written credit repair signs litter the streets? Just last night I was at the Kroger on Memorial and Hairston and I kindly alerted the woman unloading her groceries next to me that she left her cart behind her car. I thought she forgot and might run it over. Nope, she told me she was going forward. Really, lady? You can't be bothered to push your cart one space away to the corral so someone else can park there or not get their car dented by your rogue cart?
Bruce Mitchell October 23, 2012 at 05:06 AM
There is hope for our community because people like N'neka are willing to look candidly at the situation. We can not do or be better if we can't deal with reality. No viable plans can be made without vision. Without vision there won't be forward progress because it's all random movements. Our elected officials either just moved to this area or they have very bad memories. They trip over each other to welcome all these Walmarts all the while forgetting that Walmart didn't think twice about supplying the nails in the coffin on Wesley Chapel. Then they built a few miles away off Panola. That Walmart is probably the worse Walmart in the Metro area and achieved that distinction in it's first 2 months of existence. Unbelievable.
Renee Scott March 22, 2013 at 04:24 PM
There is too much on Panola Road. The South Deshon Rd. area of Lithonia and the 124 area of Lithonia near Rock Chapel needs to be thought of as in need of a grocery store. We are often forced to go to Publix because of convenience,but the prices are much higher. I know I would greatly appreciate a grocery store in this area.


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