Snellville Home Values on the Rise Again

With a shortage of homes on the market, home prices are steadily going up.

This seems to be a common theme.  Prices are up again. The median price of homes, that is the price where nearly half of the homes sold for, is up 7.6% over 2011's third quarter.

The average median price is up to $186,100. 

Many areas are seeing housing shortages, including right here in our backyard.  The shortage may lead to inflated prices, given that total home sales are up 10.3% when compared to the third quarter last year. 

Where does Snellville compare? Let's see:

Inside the Numbers of 2012

Average price for a home in Snellville: $107, 792 for 2012 (so far)
Average days on the market: 80
Most expensive home sold:  $530,000

Featured Home:

Brookwood Schools: on an 8.83 acre lot in Brookwood

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