Using Incentives When Marketing a Home

In this week's real estate column, we talk about extra incentives offered in home buying and what that could mean for you.

Sometimes a buyer is looking at a home and there are extra incentives offered. These could include decorating bonus, flat screen televisions, etc.  Although all of this may sound like a good idea, there are some things to think about before offering.

  • Determine reason for offering
  • Don't use it to mask a too high asking price
  • Determine if it is legal to do so 
  • Do use them to set your house apart (still make sure it is priced well)
  • Can help to make up flaws in the house

If you do use to make up for flaws, please heed this warning: You will spend less money in most cases doing the work ahead of time rather than paying the incentive.

As an example, in a medium-sized kitchen with adequate counter space, putting granite in may cost just a couple of thousand dollars. Instead, the seller offer a $3000 allowance. Those two thousand could possibly net you much more than that in the overall sales price.

By the Numbers:

Did you ever wonder what percentage of listing price homes are getting? Here you go:

0-100K: 100.7 percent

100-125K: 98 percent

125-150K: 95.9 percent

300-350K: 98.6 percent

350-450K: 99.6 percent

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