Brookwood Cheerleaders Prepare for Homecoming, Pep Rally

It's been a busy week at Brookwood, culminating in tonight's game and tomorrow's Homecoming dance.

“We’re all about getting things done! Efficiency!” called out Head Coach Dana Bailey as the 20 or so football cheerleaders prepared for Brookwood’s pep rally.

It’s homecoming week at Brookwood, and the excitement was palpable. It’s been a busy week: Thursday night the Boys of Brookwood entertained the crowd, the big game against Central Gwinnett is tonight and the long-awaited dance will take place tomorrow evening at 8 p.m.

This year’s theme is ‘Vibe,’ and the girls were busy painting the sign that the football team will soon burst through before they battle Central.

Nicole Riley and Ashton Pike, both cheerleaders since middle school and officers in the Student Government Association (SGA), were pumped about the weekend. They've worked hard this year, and not just at cheer practice.

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Reilly, the team captain, is on the golf team at school and is the SGA co-president. (Taylor Craig and Anna Griffin are the two other team captains.)

Both girls hope to attend University of Georgia in Athens when they graduate. And in ten years, they'll help plan their class reunion.

Pumping up the crowd is the best part of cheerleading, according to the girls. Even when the team isn't playing their best, they try to energize the crowd and keep the positive energy flowing to the team.

The girls practice between two to three times a week, on top of all their other commitments. Coach Bailey estimates that three quarters of the girls participate in other extra curriculur activities, ranging from the Beta Club to dance and music lessons.

The first part of the year is the busiest, and the more experienced cheerleaders take the opportunity to teach the new ones the ropes. It works out well. There appears to be a spirit of comraderie, thanks in part to Coach Bailey's leadership.

When trying out, the girls must meet the following criteria:

  • Spirit and Enthusiasm
  • Technique of Jumps, Tumbling, Motions, and Stunting
  • Knowledge of Material
  • Cooperation with Coaches, Instructors, and Peers
  • Evidence of leadership potential
  • Appearance
  • Voice
  • Crowd Appeal
  • Attitude
  • Teacher evaluations

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