Local Basketball Coach Puts Innovative Technology to the Test

Scott Bracco, basketball coach at South Gwinnett High School, is one of 100 coaches that participated in a new play-by-play online technology.

Scott Bracco, basketball coach at South Gwinnett High School, began using an innovative online program this past season called Krossover.  The program allows coaches and players to create their own professional highlight reel.  

“I think you always see improvement when players can see exactly what they’re doing on court,” says Scott Bracco, basketball coach at South Gwinnett High School.  All the game stats and box scores are automatically generated. 

“Players enjoy watching clips versus game film.  They lose interest if a game is just rolling, or if they’re watching someone else [play].” 

Krossover’s highlights reel allows each player to view their own actions on the court, on their own time. 

 “The main thing kids like about it,” Bracco continues, “is that they show more improvement when shown [only their own material].  They love being able to create their own highlight film, too.” 

Vasu Kulkarni, former engineer at the University of Pennsylvania and basketball player, created the program in 2008.  He was named as a finalist in Bloomberg Businessweek’s 2010 America’s Best Young Entrepreneurs. 

“I started straight out of college at the end of 2008,” Kulkarni said.  “It really got off the ground at the end of ’09, then we went live at the end of 2010 with a pilot program of 100.” 

Coach Bracco was one of coaches in the pilot program.  

“Before, I would do what Krossover did,” says Bracco. “Not as in-depth, of course, because it’s so time consuming. It’s very convenient, incredible. It’s a way to free up some other things we need to do as coaches.   It’s saving people two hours after every game and every practice.” 

Krossover is getting geared up for their second basketball season, and will include lacrosse, football, volleyball and hockey in the near future.     

“The program lets the kid or the coach take full advantage of the statistical analysis,” said Kalkurni.  “Now kids can come in and in under five minutes make their highlight reel look as good as ESPN, then post to Twitter or a blog.”  

The players can also send clips of their footage to potential recruiters.

There is another company that has a similar program, but it costs around $75,000.  Kulkarni’s program costs $1,000 per year. 

Coaches upload their footage to Krossover's website and detail what they want featured. They are then notified when the reels are ready.  All information is stored for future use.  

ESPN recently used the same program for their National High School Invitational. 

For more information, visit Krossover's website.  You can watch a highlight reel of one of South Gwinnett's games in our video section.  


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