Speak Out: Fights Planned for the South Gwinnett-Shiloh Game?

School officials warn students to keep it calm during tonight's football game between rivals Shiloh and South Gwinnett High.

The administrator of South Gwinnett Football's Facebook page posted a warning to students attending tonight's game:

I keep seeing posts about fights being planned for tomorrow nights game. I said this last year and I'll say it again -
Attention all South Gwinnett High School AND Shiloh Students.... When you attend a football game you should be there to do 1 thing - watch the game. Sitting in the stands yelling at each other, starting fist fights, running through the stands is not only distracting to the players, but it is disrespectful to not only your school and the team, but to each and every football player at South, AND the visiting teams.

The team needs fans that support them, not fans who want to do nothing but start fights with other students. Please be respectful of your fellow classmates who work VERY hard every single day to play football. Please act your age and be courteous to the other fans, which includes parents, young siblings, grandparents etc of the players on the field who came to watch their player PLAY, not watch you fight in the stands. Thank you.

"It was awful last year," replied one fan. "This year it's going to be much better!"

The school will have additional security at the game.

Have you heard rumors? What was the atmosphere like last time these rivals played? Tell us in the comments.


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