The APS Student Spotlight: This Week from Jones Elem., Park Middle, and Boyd Elem.

Cascade Patch recognizes the accomplishments of 3 local students this week.

The Atlanta Public Schools blog, Talkup APS, has just released its Student Spotlight of the Week article in which students from M.A. Jones Elementary, Parks Middle, Boyd Elementary, and Toomer Elementary were all given acknowledgment for their recent school accomplishments.

M.A. Jones Elementary
Jada Mumphrey, a 5th grader from M.A. Jones Elementary is said to be, "an exemplary citizen and student. This soft spoken and kindhearted individual excels in all that she does."  She has been a honors student since the first grade, and her teachers say she is a model student.  “It is simply a joy to be able to work with Jada,” explains Jada’s teacher, Ms. Robin Holloway.

According to the blog, "with outstanding effort and fortitude, she has received nothing less than A’s in her core subjects."

Parks Middle School
Keiara Lawson, an 8th grader at Parks Middle School made it in the spotlight this week for her academics and leadership qualities.  According to the APS Blog, Lawson "is a member of the Parks Middle School Media and Literacy Club, and attends the Forever Family after school program where she learns to play tennis and receives healthy eating tips through cooking demonstrations."

Lawson was recently chosen by her principal and peers to attend a private tour of the WSB-TV studios.  Keiara says that she wants to attend Yale University and become an obstetrician in the future.

Boyd Elementary
Marissa Salett is a 4th grader at Boyd Elementary who in her free time enjoys cooking and gardening.  Marissa is said to be a "model student who is who is always willing to lend a helping hand to her peers when they have academic challenges."

According to the APS Blog, Marissa has "unique culinary skills".  She was chosen as a finalist in the 2nd Annual Future Chef’s Culinary Competition.  Marissa will have to prepare a six-inch presentation plate, will take place on March 9, 2013 at B.E.S.T. Academy.

Read more at the APS Talkup Blog and congratulate Ms. Mumphrey, Ms. Lawson, and Ms. Salett on their continued success.


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