Fun at the Farmers' Market

Meeting new people at the Snellville Farmer’s Market on a Saturday morning excursion.

Saturday morning, my husband Snell, our son James and I went to breakfast at . Every morning from 7:00 -11:00 they have a very nice breakfast buffet. Lunch begins at 11:00 and they close for the night at 8:30.

Coffee and tea is included with the meal of grits, hash browns, several selections of meats, including sausages, ham, and bacon. The scrambled eggs are cooked well and omelets are great.  I personally did a lot of damage to the assorted fruits on the bar. I know I am leaving something out from the buffet menu. You need to try it yourself. The cost is $6.50 plus tax and you can easily stuff yourself.

After our breakfast, we wandered down to the . We had not gone yet this year.  The bad heat wave had broken and it was cooler Saturday. Our Farmers' Market is one of the top rated ones in the state. If you subscribe to Georgia Magazine you will find many favorable comments there.  

It is worthy of praise. There were 53 vendors scheduled. The aisles were nicely spaced. You could easily walk around and talk to people. I had the best time talking to people. Snell says if I have five minutes I will not only know your life story, but that of all your family and friends.

I really am not nosy. People just talk to me.

There was great music in the background. It was played at a decibel level where you could talk and think. I hate venues where the music is so loud that you feel the G Force. With Snell’s hearing problems, we usually just cut things short and leave. He turns his hearing aids off, but he says it sounds like a freight train running through his head. It doesn’t sound any better to me, either, and I can hear.

Rasmussen Apiaries from Lilburn was fascinating. It is owned and operated by Mark, Michele, Steve and Sidney Rasmussen. Steve taught at Five Forks Middle School for a number of years. Their children went to Brookwood High School. He had one of the hive bars, where the bees make the honey, covered in glass so you could see the comb and workers. It was just fascinating. They are on Facebook and attend almost all of the Markets.

was there, but I didn’t get to speak to him as he was doing business.

I love Debbie Stubb’s booth, Rick Rack Rosie, named after her granddaughter Rosie. Debbie is very creative with fabrics. She has a number of aprons and kitchen accessories. My favorites are the LadyBug items.

She has taken antique and vintage cups and saucers, bowls and other glassware and made pin cushions. They are so delightful and such a good use for that one odd tea cup that belonged to yourgrandmother. You have no use for it, but you can’t get rid of it, so you make a pin cushion. I will take mine and pin a couple of Mama’s old broaches on it and sit it on my dressing table.

I used to teach art, and pottery/ceramics was one of my areas of concentration. Allison Kruskamp is a very talented local potter. Her business is Ally Built, LLC. And her creations are delightful and well done. I enjoyed the lightness and delicacy of her work. She has her studio at home and has two small children to help her with whatever she is trying to accomplish.

I feel certain that Allison works feverishly at night and during nap time!

She will be glad to talk to you about items you would like to have her create and colors for the glazes. Cheryl Robinson of Centered Clayworks had some unique pieces, including one of a kind jewelry from clay. She describes her creations as “functional pottery, lookin’ good.”

Our son James and I are sensitive to gluten. We don’t have celiac disease, but gluten causes us sinus issues. If you are having allergies, asthma, repeated cold and pneumonia symptoms or gastric disorders, I have a doctor for you! Dr. Donald Dennis. He is off Howell Mill Rd. in Atlanta and I will gladly you
give you contact information if you send me a note.

But back to the Market!

Anntonette with Freshly Milled Breads is baking gluten free products. All of her work is done in a separate facility from the gluten products. I have to tell you that her Banana Nut Bread was AWESOME! I have not intentionally eaten wheat or barley products in nearly five years. I have bought some gluten free breads and choked a few down. Most are very dry and just don’t satisfy that bread texture you want. I look forward to seeing her next week for some more of her products. Please, check out her wares. I was delighted. I bought some banana nut bread. I ate a small piece and James wolfed the rest of it down! Email Anntonette and talk to her if you have gluten free requests. She would like to know more about people’s preferences and needs. Freshly Milled Breads is owned by Jerry and Irma Smith. 

If you want tasty homegrown tomatoes, go to the Snellville Farmer’s Market. Cristye and James Moon of Harvest Moon Farms are currently harvesting cabbage, kale, broccoli, radishes, corn, okra and more.  Get one of their Watermelon radishes. These are the big white radishes with a delicate pink center,almost too pretty to eat.

Haley Bryant of Dillwood Farms had beautiful produce, too. By the time I reached her booth, most of what was left was tomatoes. HUGE tomatoes. She must have had five different varieties. And they were delicious. Both Harvest Moon and Dillwood are organic farms.

While you are at the Market, stop by George and Krista High’s booth, Cedar Seeder. George makes the most amazing planters, boxes and bird houses. They can be used as above ground plants or as a counter-top garden. Everything is made from cedar. Some of the surfaces are smooth and finished, some are rough-cut. All are beautifully finished. His boxes are dove tailed finished and his bird houses meet more than the basic requirements. He has lovely craftsman skills and a great imagination. Talk to him if you have a particular need, size requirement or an idea.

You are going to hear more about these and other people at the Market. I plan to learn more about their products and produce. I hope to see you Saturday morning. I will be the one carrying a sun shade (umbrella) and camera and eating gluten free bread.

mary July 27, 2012 at 10:34 PM
Very good summary of a great place to visit and buy :-)


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