Recent Donations, Volunteers Benefit Gwinnett Community Clinic

What's going on at the Gwinnett Community Clinic in Snellville? Here are a few highlights, including donations and time volunteered.

, located in Snellville, is a collaboration of volunteer medical professionals, and citizens who volunteer their time helping out at the clinic.

It is led by Sheila Adcock, the director of the nonprofit clinic.

Snellville Patch has covered the clinic before, and you can see those stories by clicking here. However, we thought an update would be good.

Recent highlights:

  • In March, Jackson EMC Foundation awarded the community clinic with a $5000 grant from their Operation Roundup Program.
  • In February, an anonymous gift of $5000 helped the community clinic purchase computer equipment and new laptops for its electronic medical record system.
  • Eastside Medical Center was the title sponsor for the recent Run the Reagan road race, which benefitted the community clinic and Young Life. The hospital donated $8,000 to the cause.
  • Four local Kohls stores sent volunteers to the Run the Reagan race, and also doanted $2,000 to help the charities bennefiting.
  • In January and February, there were 437 hours of time donated valued at $9,104.
  • There are several new doctors there: Drs. Rashmi Sinha, Jade Brice, Saad Hafidh and Anwer Bhamidi.
  • New volunteers include: Allison Stellingberg, a nurse who does patient vital signs and works to set up patients with providers; and Annie Richardson, a phlebotomist, who draws lab specimens and does patient check-ins.
  • Clerical positions, as well as medical and clinic volunteer spots are still open.


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