Viewfinder: Little Nuggets Rescue

In this week's Viewfinder, we meet a woman who saves the lives of local dogs, tour Little Nuggets Pet Rescue and meet some pooches who are looking for a forever home.

Lynne Shriber is one busy woman.

As the founder and operator of Little Nuggets Rescue in Snellville, she has her hands full. The rescue currently houses over fifty dogs... and one donkey.

The rescue came to fruition when Shriber's mother-in-law passed away and left Shriber and her husband a house with substantial acreage just down the street from their own home.

Shriber said she was already fostering dogs at her house,.  Rather than move, she decided to turn the gifted home into a shelter.

That's when "everything blossomed into full craziness."

Every room in the house is full of crated dogs, and the yard boasts some ten to fifteen kennels housing two to three dogs each. 

Because of the large, enclosed property, the dogs get to run and exercise, and Shriber keeps them fed, watered, sheltered and, if necessary, medicated.

These necessities come with substantial costs, though, and Shriber relies on donations and help from others.

"Money is great, but I also need things like bleach, cedar shavings, old t-shirts, blankets and newspapers," she said. 

The dogs featured in this gallery are all available for adoption, as are their house and yardmates.

If you're interested in adopting a pet or contributing to the rescue, please visit Little Nuggets' website for more information. 


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