mike sabbagh
As one of the Snellville City's council members, I welcome you to my small patch area. I will try to add value here however, I have  the Snellvillian Blog Spot that I maintain with more information. In short, I have lived in Snellville for two decades and raised a super family. I am a proud father of my three sons whom two are in college and one is at South Gwinnett High. Rita, is the pivot of the household. A Mom and also a case manager working as a translator in support of the federal refugee programs. Snellville: The City of Snellville is a dynamic place to live, yet holds the family as the bases of it foundation as it reaches new  hieghts "a city on the rise." Our Police department is the BEST. Our city staff is there for you Monday to Friday from 8 - 4:30, just call or drop by. Our vision is comprehensive and is on the fast track. Thank you Mike Sabbagh Snellville City Council Member  
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