Samantha Graham
A British transplant by way of San Francisco and Los Angeles, Samantha Graham moved to the Snellville area in 2006 with her Atlanta-born husband to raise their new family. Their young daughters currently attend preschool in Snellville.
Sam is a journalist and editor with 20+ years’ experience. In L.A. she covered the film and TV business for entertainment trades Variety, The Hollywood Reporter, and Below the Line. Lately she’s been focusing on editing academic, technology, and entertainment publications for book publisher Elsevier. A long-time advocate for healthy eating and good environmental practices, Sam has been a frequent contributor to the Natural Food Network. In 2009, excited by the prospect of a California-style farmers’ market in Snellville, Sam and her family started Rosy Lee’s Gardens selling organically grown vegetable and fruit plants, and handmade potting benches and planters at the new Snellville Farmers’ Market. 
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