Moms Talk: Tanning Bed Mom

In this week’s Moms Talk we discuss Patricia Krentcil, a New Jersy mother charged with child endangerment after being accused of putting her five-year-old daughter in a tanning bed.

Known as “Tanning Bed Mom,” Patricia Krentcil’s alleged actions are cringe-worthy—as is her charred, leathery appearance.

The 44-year-old mother is accused of taking her Kindergarten daughter into a stand-up tanning booth, without the salon’s knowledge or consent. Krentcil was arrested after a teacher at her daughter’s school noticed burns and rashes on the child’s skin, and the little girl said she got them from going tanning with her mommy.

Krentcil insists that she never put her child in a tanning booth, and that the child received “minor burns” from gardening outside. Krentcil has been released from jail on $25,000 bail, and her daughter is now in her father’s custody.

Oh, dummy! This isn’t the 1950s. We know the dangers of UV rays, particularly on young skin. UV light can damage DNA, causing mutations as well as formations of dangerous skin cancer cells.

If Krentcil did in fact put her child in a tanning booth, she should suffer consequences for her irresponsible actions.

Even if she didn’t commit the act she’s being charged with, Krentcil is guilty of modeling poor behavior for her daughter. I mean, have you seen this woman?

As mothers, part of our job in raising confident, competent, strong young women is being a good example for them. Any unhealthy obsession with our appearance is bound to be damaging to our daughters.

Patricia Krentcil’s picture could be the reference photo on a Google search for “tanorexic.” Tanorexics are afraid of having pale skin. Like the anorexic who starves herself to the point of illness, the tanorexic tans to the point of ruining her skin. Neither sees themselves clearly nor the damage they are doing. Neither is healthy behavior for a young girl to witness.

Krentcil’s appearance is so bizarre (wearing fuschia clothing and white lipstick to accentuate her brown skin) she’s become a national joke. Saturday Night Live’s Kristen Wigg portrayed Krentcil in a skit, and there’s even a Tanning Bed Mom action figure.

I feel so sorry for her little girl.

What’s your opinion on The Tanning Bed Mom? Let’s talk it out, fellow mothers!

Michelle Gilliland May 11, 2012 at 04:55 PM
The SNL skit is hilarious! The "Wilson Athletic Beauty routine" really made me giggle. Obviously, I think this is horrendous, as does the rest of the mentally sane world. This woman clearly has a problem, but the interesting point to make is that unlike other "-exic" type illnesses, they do not usually encourage their children to be like them. This lady clearly put her child in a tanning bed. I don't know all the specifics of the burn her child received, but a tanning bed produces a very specific kind of burn that you cannot duplicate with the natural sun very easily. But I digress, the real issue here is that people are STILL tanning. Seriously, come on.
Amy May 11, 2012 at 05:46 PM
This is absolutely ridiculous! First this women has an obsession with the tanning bed but for her to put her daughter in there is absurd! I have a tanning membership that I use for 3 months out of the year one or two days a week. I only get in the bronzing beds, I tan very easily and I never look red or leather when get out. I think she she should have supervised visits with her daughter and should also have some serious counseling for her tanning obsession.
David Brown May 11, 2012 at 06:03 PM
This situation is another reason I'm thankful for being born with a natural tan:) My mom and dad were Black:)
Raven Nichols May 11, 2012 at 07:04 PM
lol David!


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